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Over his span of time on this earth, Phillip Ryan Block, has been involved in a range of projects and jobs that span everything from door to door sales to investment consulting. His experiences, the people he’s worked with and the knowledge he’s gained gave him the confidence to finally pursue his dream. This is when Independent Ear, a company all of his own, launched. This pursuit has been not only of passion but concise decision making that also has had to bend with the ebbs and flows of modern society. Today’s world changes in a nanosecond and so does the successful business person, which is what Mr. Block is. His record label, Independent Ear, is a true testament of his abilities to analyze, predict, project, produce and then change it all up when one business model doesn’t fit the next. It’s hard to find what it takes, in today’s world, in a person or company that is aware there is no mold to fit into for you. Ryan understands just this.

He has spent many hours logged behind the screen managing countless successful social media campaigns, really being on the forefront of what is happening in today's new media. Ryan has the hype and energy to stay on top of who, what and where things are happening which enables him to get your brand seen in those places by the right consumers. Ryan's relationship skills are unparalleled creating just the right connections for branding social influencing.

Ryan is the kind of guy that will help you in advance your brand, no matter what it takes. He'll help educate you to do it on your own or offer you a service through himself or his team to help you achieve your dreams.



Felista is unlike any other creative branding expert, in that, she tells you what you need to hear. She doesn’t just offer you some cookie cutter ideas on business, branding and marketing but rather a passionate, detailed and market focused plan to success. Over the last decade of agency experience, Felista engulfed herself in dramatically different industries, like hospitality, to international relocation, to historical architecture, all to be able to execute, wildly successful branding campaigns for companies in those industries. To know and create relationships with people on both ends of business, is the only way to actually know any business. She takes the time needed to develop a real branding foundation for her clients.

Her personal touch and creative direction are enhanced by the astounding talent she surrounds herself with. She always has the knack for telling a brand’s story and creating herself or directing others to execute, visual or audio content that is awe inspiring. However, one thing she lacked for years was website development. Years ago, while volunteering on a re-branding board, for a Vermont ski valley, she realized she needed website design skills too. Because back then, it was nearly impossible to find a web developer that was available or wasn’t charging an arm and a leg for a simple landing page. So, she learned to develop websites giving her one more of the much needed skills, into today’s digital marketing world. Adapting and constantly being a student to the consumers’ needs, has given her the skills and flow her clients need to help them form their dreams into a successful brand.



Ray Archie is the CEO of Music Makers and Executive Director of Notes to the Soul.  Ray plays cello, bass, & piano and has performed internationally with Leonard Bernstein, Michael Tilson-Thomas, LSO, SF Symphony orchestra, & many others.  Ray crosses the boundaries of classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, and soul music.

As a technologist, Ray has an extensive technology, telecommunications, and business experience.  While working as the Director of Streaming Operations for CBS Radio Corporate, he helped to build one of the largest streaming networks in the world.  

Ray’s passion for music and the creative process led to the creation and launch of Music Makers – an educational a social platform designed for musicians, songwriters, and engineers to collaborate, create and manage their world of music online.  His advocacy for the musician led to the creation of Notes to the Soul, an organization whose purpose is to promote well-being through the language of music. Notes to the Soul is the parent organization of MusicMakers Workshop.

Ray has an endless supply of knowledge to share with those who listen. He will create the plan that will launch your brand along side all the greats in traditional media as well as on new media. Not only is he one step ahead of what is next with technology, he is also one step ahead of what the consumers want to see and hear.


Director of Technology




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Block Media has been integral in my mission to better communicate my brand and take the Marketing and Media side of my Music to the next level. Before working with Block Media, I was without clear direction. Working with Block Media has helped me to develop a clear and purposeful direction for my Music Media and Brand. I now have clear, actionable steps that I can take to move my Brand to the next level thanks to my work with Block Media.
— Shana M.

”Our old marketing strategy had worked well for many years and then we just sort of stagnated. I had taken a few online courses and gave it a shot and tried diving into the whole, online and social media marketing thing. I quickly realized that I had no idea what I was doing. How could I keep up with all of the do’s and don’t’s? I honestly, just complained to a lot of people until my son recommended Phillip Ryan Block. He said, “Dad just talk with him.” After our initial call I knew I had, no my son had, found the exact person I needed to help. I’m truly thankful for the help in reviving my life’s work.”
— George
“It came with great humility, Ms. Sutherland’s honest evaluation and deductions on the direction our business was taking. We had tried to build a business within, our own, unrealistic restrictions and we didn’t want to hear it wouldn’t work. We do wish we would have heeded her advisement sooner.”
— Tourism Client
“I’m honored to write a quick note of recommendation for the team at Block Media. The range of talents in this team enables them to give you comprehensive business advisement. I needed someone to look over my numbers, my investments, my marketing and more. I desperately needed to become more viable in e-commerce, my website was drab and I was all over the place. I was so busy trying to run my business, that the places I was trying to save money in, were the places that ended up costing me more. This team really helped me align my business and sanity. It was great to know I had hired the right people. People who are passionate about their work and actually want to see American companies succeed.”
— Catherine